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Welcome to Education Helpline Ltd.

Student Visa

Education Helpline Ltd. assists students and migrants to make an informed decision on what is best for them. Counselors of Education Helpline Ltd. can provide most suited ideas and information on Australia, Denmark, Canada, UK and USA. Education Helpline Ltd.agrees to provide the following services to Bangladeshi Students and Immigrants as required.

Student Visa

We are pleased to announce that we are providing services for the given below countries in a full swing. We advise on all aspects, including: 

  • Career Counseling
  • Choosing the right course in the right Institute
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Admission Guidance
  • Spot Admissions
  • Bank Loan Assistance
  • VISA Interview Preparation
  • Pre-Visa Counseling and Documentation
  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Travel Assistance
  • Part- time job assistance
  • Post Arrival Problem Solving
  • Scholarship
  • Credit Transfer

Benefits of Studying Abroad: 

Earn while you learn. Work Part-time while studying.

  • Apply for permanent Immigration after completion of the course.
  • Bright employment opportunities with well-paid salaries.
  • Apply for Graduate work permit.
  • On Campus Placements.
  • Transfer your credits to the Universities in Canada, Australia, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, UK and USA.

Admission Eligibility for all countries:

Compared to other countries, admission procedures of US/Canada/Australia/UK/Sweden/Switzerland and Finland universities, schools, colleges and institutes are highly competitive for international students. The procedure is even more competitive in the top educational institutes. For getting admission in the top and high-ranking institutes in the above countries, you must have good grades, adequate financial support either by achieving scholarships or merit based financial aids, completed challenging coursework and good command over the English language.

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